Travel Cheats: Cheap airfare!

Normally in trips, airfares represent a massive chunk in a budget, followed by accommodation and food. What if I tell you that there are some ways that can (maybe) help you save some money?

#1 Look for airfare tickets online using incognito tab
Ever felt excited looking at airfare price that is dirt-cheap, only to return to the website to find it increased? Airlines increases the price if you are looking at the same flights multiple times.For example, by using the normal tab, return flights for Siem Reap is RM100 the first time; RM200 the second time for the same dates. By using incognito tab, it’s RM100 no matter how many times you look at it (unless the cheap seats have all been swept clean).

Some says it works, some don’t. Since I don’t have the exact explanation to tell you how does it work, all I can say is, try it yourself to see if it works for you! 

#2 Utilize the great power of the internet
If you have a specific destination in mind, Kayak is a great choice. I’ve heard that Airfare Watchdog is a great tool to monitor airfares too, but unfortunately they didn’t feature Kuala Lumpur, where I am based, as a departure city. Normally I go to the airline sites themselves as they might feature a list of discounted destinations for you to choose from in a specific time period.

#3 Cross reference the destination and your intended travel period before actually planning a trip
Let’s say your time is not so packed in May. Try to check which destination is cheaper in June as opposed to choosing a predetermined destination. It’s risky that way, but I’ve gotten my best deals like this. I usually decide my travel period first before the destination because that’s my only available time. Destination don’t matter to me as I feel that every destination has their own unique quirks and it would be great discovering those.

If you have a destination in mind, though, try travelling in the low seasons. Airfare is usually cheaper then.

#4 Be flexible in your travel dates
Sometimes one day or two days before your intended travel period is all it takes for a cheap return flight.

Option A:
Departing from Kuala Lumpur to Sibu on 18th May: RM109
Returning on 24th May: RM79.
Total airfare: RM188 (include airport tax)

Option B:
Departing from KUL to Sibu on 19th May: RM79
Returning on 25th May: RM79
Total airfare: RM158 (airport tax included)

Of course option B is going to sound better than option A. All it took is to fix the travel dates 1 day behind the dates intended and you save about RM30. It’s not a lot though, it roughly translates to $10 USD. But better than nothing right? So if you can help it, try to be as flexible in your travel dates as possible.

I’ve saw online that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best time to book cheap flights, but I don’t think it didn’t make much of a difference for me. Like tip #1 though, if it works for you, great! If it doesn’t, well, no harm done.

#5 Travel budget
If you’re serious about travelling cheap, the invention of budget airlines are GOD. I usually travel spartan-style. It means no baggage, no legroom, no food and no entertainment. Although uncomfortable, it saved me a lot of money which is awesome! Budget airlines do offer add ons to make your journey more comfortable with a minimal price tag. Don’t expect too much though.

#6 Always cross check between the price quoted by travel agencies and the actual price

Travelling with a travel agency can be convenient and time-saving, so it’s safe to say that sometimes, travel agencies provide good value for their services. But, if you don’t have the capital needed to get good value for your money and simply just need a cheap set of air tickets, employing the services of a travel agency might not be a good idea. However, it never hurt to check. But remember to cross check the price quoted by the travel agency and the actual price of the tickets on the airline website. Sometimes, all it takes to save money is to do it yourself. 

Travelling can be cheap with a little effort, a little luck and a little flexibility.
What are your favorite travel hacks? Share them in the comments below!
Till next time.


May 13, 2015
May 16, 2015
  1. Jacqueline Khoo

    Definitely true! Need to put effort to do a lot of research and study before you travel to a place so that you won't spend unnecessary expenses and waste time for searching the location XD


  2. Cindyrina Rina

    Lynn! great tips and it is so true. Being a traveler myself …me too put in those factors when doing my travel plan.


  3. Sebrinah Yeo

    These are some great 6 tips & tricks for an affordable travel booking! Thx for sharing! And agree, we definitely need to do alot of research before travelling hehe


  4. Leona Lim

    For me I always have to plan way in advance, no last minute bookings, and also use hotel booking sites that give points And great deals, I've managed to redeem 2 free rooms so far


  5. Hanniz Envato

    #3 is a good idea! I usually search Google Flights first then individual airlines


  6. Angelynn Tan

    Hi! Thanks for the comment.
    Wow, you've been to so many places, super envious leh! Maybe one day we can feature each other? Hehe, anyway, great meeting you! πŸ˜€


  7. Angelynn Tan

    Hi! Thanks for the comment!
    Mind sharing those sites? Is it something like Agoda and I've never had luck with free room and cheap flights because my stuff is always all over the place.
    Anyway, great meeting you!


  8. Angelynn Tan

    Hi! Thanks for the comment!
    I never knew there was such a thing. Super non-technological 20+ year old here. Thanks for the tip! Nice meeting you πŸ˜€


  9. Angelynn Tan

    Hi, thanks for the comment!
    Yup! But I'm quite jealous of those that can just go when they want to without looking at the price tag. Guess when that's never gonna happen, research is the only way out.
    Anyway, nice meeting you! πŸ˜€


  10. Angelynn Tan

    Hi! Thank you for the comment!
    Glad you found my tips helpful. It's quite rudimentary, but I'll keep expanding the list! Nice meeting you! πŸ˜€


  11. Isabel Lee

    I don't mind about no food and no entertainment but no legroom really freaks me out as I'm a bit claustrophobic x.x I've heard about the incognito mode too but not sure if it's for real Haha!


  12. renaelyng

    Thank you for all these wonderful tips woo hoo! Great indeed for travelers like myself. So many research to do eh to minimize on the budget? Haha!


  13. Fong Jun Jie

    Been to a long term trip before and had did what actually list in this list! Extremely useful in saving lots of money πŸ˜€


  14. Fong Jun Jie

    Been to a long term trip before and had did what actually list in this list! Extremely useful in saving lots of money πŸ˜€


  15. Kylie wenn

    No legroom is ok, if the air fare is really cheap.. I don't really mind though!~


  16. Angelynn Tan

    Well, you know what they say. No such thing as enough research haha


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