Escaping into the embrace of the eagle


Ahh, the island of the giant eagle. Guess which lucky girl’s going there?!

I repeated this mantra to myself for the past week. I am going to Langkawi. I am going to Langkawi. I am going to Langkawi. Counting down to Langkawi under my breath when something frustrating happened is basically what kept me alive for the week. You have no idea how stressed I was. Yet, like every dirt poor backpacker, I decide to subject myself to the torture of a small budget. Such joy!  

What do I want to do there?

I am a major goal accomplisher. I believe there’s a goal we want to achieve in everything we do, regardless of whether we actually know about it or not.
It’s going to be my first trip up north on a Malaysian train. In case you haven’t heard about it, Malaysian trains are notorious for being tardy and uncomfortable. I’m really looking forward to how uncomfortable it would be. Fingers crossed for an adventure! Plus, going on a train is cheaper than buying flight tickets.

I didn’t actually do any research for Langkawi despite my unsatiable desire to go there and enjoy the shit out of myself, so I couldn’t really say where I want to do. I guess, like every other backpacker out there, I want to find a secret spot in Langkawi that I can call mine. I want to do stuff that’s not in Tripadvisor, although I honestly think that this is impossible. Have you seen the Tripadvisor page for Langkawi? It’s an insane amount of stuff to do!

Skybridge might be interesting. It was closed for renovations the last time I’ve been there, so I’m pretty keen to checking it out this time. Let’s just hope I don’t shit my pants up there. Oh! And I wanted to hike as well! Maybe not up to the Skybridge, but let’s just hope I can hike with my very limited amount of cash.

I am really looking forward to just bum around the beach and bake. I mean, look at the beaches! How can you not love em?!

****20 March 2016 10:38pm*****  
Erk! Train is in 2 hours! I’m so freaking excited! Wait for me Langkawi!

February 13, 2016
April 11, 2016
  1. Azura Rahman

    langkawi nice place to visit


  2. Angelynn Tan

    It is! I had so much fun there. Where are you planning to go next?


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