Useless 2016 resolutions.

Happy New Years! 
I’m starting 2016 with a clean slate. In 2016, I’ll be a single fresh graduate, with no prospect for a job and is expected to be financially independent. It scares to me hell and back. I have to be prepared for so many different things that will undoubtly shake my world. It’s been a while since I felt that way. I don’t get shaken that easily. 
I’m a firm believer of new years resolutions. New years resolution reflects a person’s direction and aspiration for the year. If the person wanna be beautiful by the end of the year, most likely he/she would have lose weight on their list. So on and so forth. That is, if people remembers their new years resolutions. The word has been thrown around so casually that it’s just entertainment fodder now. People laugh about their unfinished new years resolution and it’s a laugh to share with your friends and family. After all, no one got theirs done. I’m no exception. 
This year, I’m gonna really go through with it. I’m a little afraid though, because I’ve been so out of practice committing to a long term project like this. It’s going to last a whole freaking year. It’s terrifying. So first thing I did was that find a way to help me commit to it. Firstly, I set a specific goal. Let’s say weight loss. I wanted to lose weight (again) this year, so I’m setting it to be 10kgs by end of May 2016. Then, I set milestones on each month, I had to lose 2kgs every month leading to that, meaning 2 for Jan, 2 for Feb and so forth. By breaking it down, it sounds less of a chore. I hope it works out.

People always say that a new year is like a new book. You have 366 pages in this book and it’s your job to fill it up with wonderful stories and experiences. But I’d like to think of it as a chapter in an encyclopedia about you. It’s in your discretion on how you want to write it. You could fill up the whole chapter with sleeping rituals if you want. You are the author of your own book. Write the book to how you want it, not to other people’s expectations.  
On that note, Happy New Year to everyone out there. Go be yourselves! 
Lynn x
November 11, 2015
January 2, 2016

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