The art of procrastination: How does a break turn into a hiatus?

Procrastination (noun): The act of delaying or postponing something. 
You know the thing you tell yourself you’ve absolutely got to do, but didn’t really find time to do it at the end? That’s procrastination. 
Like the skirmish little fiend it is, procrastination seeps into your resolution. You won’t really know what happened until it had happened. One moment, you tell yourself “Oh, I’ll do that later.”, “I have loads of time.”, and bam! The day ended. And you didn’t get to do the thing you wanted to do. It’s not in your face; it’s too late when you realized it happened. You procrastinate, and you feel a whole lot guiltier and frustrated for not doing it earlier when you should.
That’s what happened to me in terms of blogging. When I came back from Cambodia, I was bursting with ideas to write. What I saw, what I did and a whole bunch of stuff that I wanted to tell you guys. I was writing for about 5 days straight, I think? I drafted a whole lot of posts, filling in bits and pieces of shit that I want to write. A few days later, the enthusiasm waned and I kept delaying my writing schedule. It didn’t even occur to me until the end of the day where I go, “shit, I didn’t get to finish my post today.” and until now, the 5th of Oct, I have not published any posts that I am supposed to. So, trust me, I’m the star student of procrastination. 
I swear I had a whole month or two planned out.

I found that getting other people to remind you sort of works better than self-regulation. Don’t get me wrong, if you can self-regulate, you’re awesome and should keep it that way. But for rest of us weak-willed losers (me), other people’s reminders does work better. I figured because it’s like a spoken promise .If no one knows that you haven’t complete shit you’re supposed to, it doesn’t matter. You lose nothing but your will. BUT, if someone else knows that you have to achieve something, you lose face when you don’t do it. The stakes are higher. 

So, my suggestion is to get someone to remind you until you’re in the habit of doing it yourself. You don’t want you friends to turn you away because you’re being so reliant on them. Self regulation is still the best way to go, obviously, but a little help from other people once in a while is not sinful. 
I’m going to put an offer on the table. If you need reminding, shoot me an email ( Just tell me what you want to do and when you want to do it. I’ll even make sure to follow up with you after the fact. Just… don’t procrastinate your email sending. 
September 21, 2015
October 12, 2015

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