Are you passionate about your life?

People always say that stress from working is different from studying. People also always say that being a student is very relaxing. Yeah, if the student don’t have to worry about anything except assignments (which is never that way, by the way).

My final goal in life is to write for a living. And I love travelling (click here to find out why), so I wanted to be a travel writer. But first, to fulfill the criteria of travel, I need more money.

So I started working in a board games cafe, where for most part of my job, I talk to people. I teach people to play games. Boy did I love that job. I spent most of my waking no-classes hours at that cafe. I loved working there so much that I helped the owner promoted that cafe to my friends. I don’t want the cafe to end. I want it to thrive and to succeed, with me working with it. To me then, it’s a triple win situation! I get to do something I love, which is talking to people; I get money to fund my ultimate life goal; I get meaning in my life.

But sooner or later, it gets old. Day in and day out, I was doing the same thing. Although different customers come in, I couldn’t help but to think that they are the same as the last ones who came in. Instead of talking to those customers genuinely like I did for the earlier customers, I became short-tempered. I talk in clipped tones and went in a straight-to-the-point, no nonsense approach. I kept it clinical. I stop wanting to know them. That’s when I knew, I’ve lost passion for this job.

It’s just a job, they say. I’m not at fault for losing my passion- plenty of people does that, they say. A job is only a means of survival and us humans are just gears grinding away in a larger clock. It doesn’t matter if we love the job or not. As long as the clock is running, no one cares. As long as we can put food on the table, we shouldn’t care either. Life goes on, whether you like it or not.

But lately, upon contemplation (psychology students like to think too much haha), I’ve come to realize that I care. I’m one of those people that are always searching for the deeper meaning. If I allow myself to waste time in a job in which I don’t care deeply for, then who am I to blame? It’s my doing. I allow myself to slack off. I allow my stress and these negative feelings to get the better of me. It’s my fault for letting my passion for life slip away. I am responsible for myself.

I wish my story can have a happy ending once I’ve realized that. I really wish I could tell you guys that I’ve found passion for my job and my life again and my life is all roses and flowers now. But life doesn’t work that way. Once passion is lost, it takes a long time to get it back. I lost my passion for writing once and it has taken me about 4-5 years to revive this passion. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover passion for this job, but I’m trying hard here. I try to be grateful that I have a good boss that is willing to take care of me and my welfare. Most importantly, I try to keep my final life goal in mind and be grateful that I am now on the road to realize my dream.

To be passionate about life is truly a skill to learn. In a world where positivity is seen as naivete, it’s difficult to remember how being passionate feels. Everyone keep telling you that it’s normal to feel normal, that it is conceited to feel special or that you’re meant for a specific purpose. Everyone kept telling you to be realistic and that passion is just a hobby or an escape from real life (that’s what people tell me about travelling) or is just a myth that 20 year olds dream up.

I’m here to tell you that you’re special and you’re meant for something. There is no passion in living small; if you feel like you’re meant for something bigger, go for it. I believe that everyone is capable of extraordinary things and your passion you’re feeling may just be an indicated of what you’re meant to be. So I’m gonna be the little voice to tell you: follow your dreams and follow your heart. You can do it!

I’ve told you my dreams and passion. What’s yours? Let’s talk and see what we can do about it! Cheers!

P/S: I’m not asking you to quit your job ah. Please don’t blame me hahha

With encouragement,

August 9, 2015
August 21, 2015
  1. Betty Liew siaw fan

    Yes, I am passionate about my life. I love to learn something new and challenge myself for a better life.


  2. Miera Nadhirah Tan

    Yes, there are times I can be pretty passionate about my life and there are times some things and negativity gets me down as well……


  3. Sherry

    Yes, I have passion in life. Always follow your heart and doing what you love. Life has up and down.


  4. Leona Lim

    The best if if you can do something you love for a living…for eg if you love drawing, and people pay you to draw. that is the most satisfaction you can get out of your work


  5. Cindyrina Rina

    You started your passion early which is good! At age of 40 years old…I am not sure whether I live my life in passionate way. to me is just routine in life and for survival. Nothing more!


  6. Jacqueline Khoo

    So true. But sometimes I will lost my passion, hence I need to calm down and re-think my passion like why I start this earlier? Thanks for sharing and let's fight our goal until the END 😀


  7. cleffairy

    At some point in my life, I think I 'died'. I stopped living and just existing. But something happened and it was somewhat a huge slap on my head and I started to do things that I really want to do again instead of just devoting my whole life to mg husband and child. Thank you so much for sharing this. A gentle reminder to live and not just exists.


  8. Christine Teh

    Live life to the fullest. Do what you love and passion about.
    Life is always learning, and never ending. Always look on the positive side whenever you are down.
    Great article!!


  9. Isabel Lee

    Honestly, sounds like you might not be suited for this job after all. A job won't feel like a job if you truly love it =)


  10. Kylie wenn

    Thanks for the inspiring post…..Stay positive and keep the passion of achieving more dreams… I do believe dreams will come true!~


  11. Koey Leow

    Thanks for the inspiring post! Keep it going & Stay Positive!


  12. alizasara

    I know that everyones saying that your post is very inspiring, but truth be told, it is! I love how you're staying positive about reaching your goals. It becomes effortless when you enjoy it 🙂

    Aliza Sara


  13. 小澤 (DSvT)

    my passion is taking photos, and I'm doing it now…


  14. Isaac Tan

    chase your dreams! I was in a 9-5 job previously, quit it, doing on my own now..
    now i'm working 24 hours! lol


  15. Ivy Kam

    Love your inspiring words! And yes, I agree with the 'stress from working is different from studying', you will just face different kind of stresses at different point of life, be strong, and get through it.


  16. Sharon Lee

    Another good read to start our day! hehe
    I'm quite passionate about my work and especially blogging. The fire is just keep burning and although it get ready tired some times but I will continue and cop with it.



  17. Sin Yee

    Yes, I am passionate about my life~ I love blogging, at the same time, love photography. This is the shared hobby of ours. Which make our life!


  18. Nicole Sim

    Honestly, we really do need to have passion to do something right!
    Currently, I switched my job because I no longer have the passion doing the same thing over again!
    And now, I have no regrets =)


  19. Miriam Goh

    Great post dear! We should always live our dreams and make them work no matter how people may look down on them.



  20. Sylvia Lye

    Passionate to my life, my love, my family!! Let's be passionate together!!


  21. Angelynn Tan

    Yeah, it's very easy to 'die' in this world where everything is just routine. It's awesome that you found your passion again; it's definitely not an easy feat. I wish you the best!


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