Lynn speaks: The idea of travelling

There are some people I know that gets all enthusiastic when confronted with the notion of travelling. They get excited, they look forward to the vacation, hell, they even enjoyed the vacation. BUT they didn’t plan the vacation.
Some people love travelling. Some people merely love the idea of travelling.

Loving travelling to me means that you love the whole package, not only the beautiful part of it. It’s like planning a wedding. You can dream of the perfect wedding (mine’s a beach wedding with blue chiffon canopies, by the way) but the perfect wedding won’t magically appear. Each detail takes meticulous planning. The effort translates to the result.

In travelling, there are tons of issues to iron out. You choose sites and sights, food that are local and suitable to you tastes, transportation etc. And, each decision you do, it translates to the amount of time and money you need for the trip. And it’s frustrating. Planning a trip quickly becomes tedious. You get stressed out because there are a shit load you want to do there but no time and money to do so.

HOWEVER, it’s a great experience. In my whole life, I’ve had trips planned out for me. If I’m going with my classmates, my classmates will plan it for me. If I’m going with my boyfriend, he will plan it for me. If I go with my parents, my mom will do the planning. I am the person who’s in love with the idea of travelling, instead of loving the whole package, not just the idea itself.

Now, I’m planning my first solo trip to Cambodia. Planning is frustrating and I’m stressing over on how many things I want to do but so little time to do it. But, I truly enjoyed the experience. It’ll be great to see how my baby will turn out.

I really recommend that you guys have to try this at least once in your lifetime. The experience is truly priceless.


May 4, 2015
May 14, 2015

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